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From left to right and then left and right again.

Stanley Tweedle from Lexx the TV series. The Postal Dude, from Postal the videogame series. Jigsaw, from the Saw film series. Akuta Rintaro, from the Magical Girl Apocalypse manga series. Krieger from Archer TV series. The Black Whirlwind from Jade Empire the videogame. An enemy from the videogame Dark Deception. Just some Red Shirt from Star Trek.
Jar Jar Binks, is the evil Yoda.

I know this isn’t original. Here’s my take.


Forget the prequels for a moment and think back to the old Star Wars. Think how easily Yoda, could have been replaced with Jar Jar. While Skywalker is looking for some legendary Jedi, he stumbles across a retarded midget. Retarded sounds quite derogatory but it bloody well should be because that’s exactly how Yoda, behaves when Anakin first meets him. Yoda, is foaming at the mouth retarded. But after not too long Yoda, drops the act and we see his true nature though his grammar only improves a little bit. That’s another thing. Besides acting brain-dead though this may be splitting hairs both characters have terrible grammar.


Now unlike the lovable Yoda, Jar Jar Binks, is famously despised. But just think how Yoda, would have been received if he had kept up the act for almost three straight films? People probably wouldn’t have hated him as much as Jar Jar, because he still wouldn’t be CGI. But people would have still thought of him as that little annoying sidekick.


Now look at the physical appearances for a moment. If you take the character of Yoda, and you want to design a new evil character based on him that retains some of his traits but is at the same time reversed what do you do? Well Yoda, is old, short and stubby so logically the new character should be young, tall and lanky.


I heard a couple jokes after episode one about Jar Jar Binks, being a secret Drunken Kung Fu Jedi Master. But at the time most people just meant it as a joke. The fact that Jar Jar Binks, sometimes incompetently saves the day can easily be dismissed as a joke.


But I find the comparison between Jar Jar Binks, and Yoda, and how suspiciously similar they are in some ways while being perfect opposites to be much more compelling. Of course in real life this comparison would be meaningless. But in fiction it does mean quite a bit. I can usually guess what is going to happen in a story based on what I would write if I was part of the writing team. There is just a certain way that most people thread plot points together that is very predictable even when they are going for a twist.


The second point is though Jar Jar Binks, presents himself as being quite clumsy and incompetent and the Village idiot and so on and so forth not one of his people ever say one word to suggest that this is true. They clearly don’t like him but the idea that this is because he is the Village idiot is 100% based on the fact that he tells the Jedi this directly. A line of Jar Jar’s just as they are exiting his home city points out that if the Jedi, hadn’t taken Jar Jar, with them he would have been executed. So whatever is in Jar Jar’s past is quite serious but it is never suggested by any character other than Jar Jar, that it was some form of clumsy mishap. His people never say anything to deny or confirm this. In fact they are suspiciously vague in their contempt for Jar Jar, almost as if it was one giant calculation by the writers. It is strange that not one of his people throw a single comment his way like “Oh no not that idiot again” or “Quickly hide the good china.” Instead they are afraid and give no hint to why.


This is how you write a twist. Reiterating this one last time. I find it suspicious that even though we see characters from Jar Jar’s passed who know him the only evidence that he is the Village idiot still comes directly from the mouth of Jar Jar, himself. What we have is a Village idiot who actually introduces him self as such who’s people are clearly wary of him while never giving any hint to why.


The (Jar Jar Binks, is the true villain) theory has been quite popular for a while now and many people have pointed out many things supporting this idea. The thing that everyone of these concepts have in common is that they always say Jar Jar, is only playing the fool. Jar Jar, was up to something from day one. In an interview the actor who played Jar Jar Binks, said in a very slow and conscious way that screamed “If I confirm something that Lucas, doesn’t want me to then he’s going to sue my ass.” That some of the things people are saying are correct and some are not.” As I said every single one of these things people were saying deliver the same message. So even if half the things that people are saying do not prove that Jar Jar, was a dark Jedi, so long as the other half do it has the same result. It’s not like there’s a second theory that says Jar Jar, is a supermodel on the side. All of these little theories are saying that Jar Jar, is a Dark Jedi Mastermind. So if even one is true then that means “Yes Jar Jar, is a Dark Jedi Mastermind.”


I might add more to this later. 



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